Life is a mixed bag. When I’m not cooking & dining, I’m doing something else {although many may question what else I do aside from talk about food and plan my next meal}. Here are some of my favorite things, tips, tools, and gadgets.


Lately I’ve been rockin’ this bangle and can’t seem to get enough. I wear it almost too much. My co-workers are probably sick of the clanging against the keyboard!




Rainy? Windy? Sick of having your umbrella invert on you mid-walk? Look no further than the Gustbuster! I bought this umbrella a couple of years ago and found religion. This guy is truly durable and can handle the wind – my Gustbuster is no pushover.


I’m a sucker for cute things like the lovely collection of aprons @ Anthropologie. I finally have one (thank you, Anne) and they are just so adorable I would like 5 more! Who wouldn’t want to cook and play house in these ruffles?!


This speaks for itself. Grating cheese, whipping up some pesto, no problem. Life is easier with this bad boy. Plus it’s super easy to clean!


If you feel like you need some inspiration, check out Etsy’s impressive collection of crafts and homemade decorations. Etsy makes you realize you’re not creative enough! Don’t worry – you can buy awesome goods for affordable prices.

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