Wherever I go, good food finds me. Or I find good food. So much of where I travel is experienced by what I eat. My memories are filled with quality meals. The standout moments of a vacation revolve around a perfect glass of Shiraz…a messy cheeseburger combined with the beaming sun…one too many slices of carrot cake saying goodnight. I judge a destination not by its beaches or shopping but by the critics’ picks and restaurant scene. I choose carefully trying to avoid the tourist traps of tired and safe cuisines. I want the goods. Call me snobbish. Call me difficult. But if you find me at one of these choice destinations you will find me happy.

Travels up and down and all around – here’s a glimpse at some of the nibbles I’ve been lucky enough to savor.


Saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives...Pretzels and beer cheese @ Redhead's - NYC
First time trying Poutine - gravy fries with cheese curds - Brooklyn
Bon Chon friend chicken - NYC
Korean Pan Seared Dumplings - K Town
Churros with dipping sauces @ Rosa Mexicano
Blood Mary. Fairfield, CT
Fresh Catch in the Cayman Islands
Fried Pickles in Nashville!
Classic Pie on the Jersey Shore.
Sliders! (in NYC)
Cheese @ Eataly - of course.
Meat and Potatoes. CT.
Who needs a cake when you can have a candle in your potato salad at the BBQ restaurant? Dinosaur BBQ.
Pork Rinds. I was hesitant until I tasted them. @ Publican Chicago
Kobe Beef Sashimi @ Megu in NYC - crazy good - don't be deceived by the raw meat served in an igloo - THIS is delicious.

3 thoughts on “Drive-Thru

  1. Heh what about going abroad in college and all the other kids in your group missed the mac and cheese in that skinny blue box and you missed your mother’s where the cheese had to be shredded and was for sure not neon orange?

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