Who Is this Foodie?

My name is Rebecca. I have lived in NYC for a decade which validates calling myself a New Yorker. My childhood in the country of New Hampshire combined with my long time love affair with the city has made me somewhat of a mutt. I didn’t grow up as sheltered as some may think – always visiting NYC, exploring other cities, and trying different cuisines. My parents exposed me to non-kid foods from an early age and I’m eternally grateful. What the country did to me was ground me and show me how to have a good time with natural and simple ingredients. Not just the food kind – but the life kind.

About my foodie-ness past…

I confess I wasn’t a cook growing up. I always loved food, though. As a teenager I just didn’t care about preparing it myself. It all seemed, well, too complicated. I was busy being a kid doing a million other things. My Mom finds my current interest in the kitchen somewhat amusing but I know she’s quite proud. Something she did must have worked. Was it the smell of fresh baked breads cooling on the counter? Or was it the pureed vegetable and fruit baby foods made from scratch I consumed in my early years? It was probably the macaroni and cheese. You’ll learn fairly quickly about me that I like love macaroni and cheese. Mom used to bake her variation- a bubbling, white gooey treat – rarely, if ever, the electric orange generic variety.

My foodie-ness present…

I was a vegetarian all through college and struggled with preparing myself appropriately healthy and satisfying meals. I also struggled with the constant temptations of horribly unhealthy late night snacks and alcohol. And then there were those skinny girls who never seemed to gain a pound. Since college I have continued to struggle with finding the balance between enjoying food as a sometimes indulgent pleasure and eating to satisfy my body’s needs. I’ve since become a carnivore again. Oh my goodness I was missing out. Who knew that pork could be so delicious?! (That’s a topic for another day)

Bottom line? I love eating and the meal experience. Whether it’s finding a recipe, buying the ingredients (I love grocery shopping) to prepare dinner for friends or being seated at the restaurant with the long awaited reservation…I can’t get enough.

My foodie-ness future…

We shall see where my interests lead me. I can dream about writing for a food journal and actually being paid to do it…but I can also picture being quite content with a lil’ old blog like this to provide a place for me to write my thoughts and share my love of all things edible. Stay tuned.



3 thoughts on “Who Is this Foodie?

  1. Wow, and this from the girl who as a teenager mistook a Gladiolus bulb for garlic and almost poisioned herself with her pasta special that “doesn’t smell like yours Mom…..” And yes I am PROUD! I should have known you would grow up to be a foodie when at the age of 2 you asked for bleu cheese dressing on salad while we were out to dinner. The waitress, a woman, also the owner, had been in the business for over 20 years and was shocked you even knew about salad never mind bleu cheese…….

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