Wing Night Quesadilla

Joe loves buffalo flavored most things. Wings on game night. Wings on Wednesday. You know, any time. I also enjoy the spicy rich sauce that stains my fingers and burns my lips. Something about eating wings brings out a very barbaric being in us. What I don’t love is knowing how much fat and not so much healthy goodness are in this treat. If you take away the friedness and take away the fatty meat, butter, and blue cheese dressing…buffalo wings aren’t so bad. But what’s a wing without all these elements?! Believe it or not, buffalo lovers can rejoice and feel satiated, not guilty after eating one of these buffalo style quesadillas. Truthfully, this buffalo quesadilla is like two bar snacks in one! This isn’t Whole30, Paleo, or so unique, but it’s simple and good so I hope you try it soon.

  • Multi-grain/whole-grain tortillas (8 inch round) OR find one of the low-carb varieties of your liking – gluten free perhaps!
  • grilled or baked skinless chicken breast
  • Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce – can’t go wrong with this classic
  • creamy gorgonzola cheese – a little bit will pack the punch needed to sprinkle tasty cheesy bursts in each bite. Don’t go low fat here – go for the real deal.
  • reduced fat shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses (Trader Joe’s has the bags that are easy, cost effective, and for a quesadilla EASY and perfect to toss onto the tortilla)
  • scallion for a lil’ onion bit
  • diced celery for crunch
  • shredded carrots

It’s pretty hard to mess this up, guys. Literally load up one tortilla on a non-stick or olive oil sprayed frying pan with all of the ingredients – as much or as little of each as you want. Plop on the other tortilla to sandwich the goodies together. Cook until the cheese starts to bubble and the tortilla starts to brown and crisp on the bottom. When you’re ready, carefully flip with a spatula and your hand. Cook the other side until that side is browning nicely. If you think you need to flip again and/or press with a spatula go for it. This isn’t really cooking as much as it is assembling if you ask me. But who cares?

Serve with extra hot sauce if you like the spice. Yum. You’re welcome.

Take this image:

wingsMake your quesadilla while dreaming about buffalo wings and then you’ll end up with a product like this:


Drizzle of sour creatm, guac, pico, and perfect restaurant presentation are on you.


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