Peanut Butter Cups for the Win

This month has been filled with really healthy indulgent snacks throughout the day as people celebrate Halloween and bring out their childhood addictions. It’s a sign of holiday season food-overload to come {goodness, help me}. While I enjoy an occasional piece of candy and chocolate, my cravings tend to lean towards the salty and savory. Treats that combine sweet & salty form the perfect union and provide utmost satisfaction.

I don’t fancy myself a baker. Not only does baking require precise measurements and patience to follow recipes {patience I don’t really have} , but the last thing I need hanging around the house are dozens of cookies or cakes that have been whipped up by me and the magical KitchenAid mixer. I love to cook because I consider it math-free and completely creative. I also find cooking has more utility than baking. I need dinner at night. I really don’t need a brownie.

This week I needed to bring a tasty contribution to our office Halloween Bake-Off. Because I’m not regularly baking, I rarely have all of the baking essentials on hand. Last minute planning led me to these scrumptious peanut butter cups. Stacy helped and found this recipe,  Homemade chocolate-peanut butter cups, which I followed for the most part. I didn’t use almond butter, and I didn’t have pumpkin seeds. I also didn’t use honey. I made straight up peanut butter chocolate cups. The sea salt was the key topper. Now, I realize that making these was not actually considered baking. The oven didn’t turn on. I didn’t have bowls and bowls of dishes. I didn’t need a whisk. But damn, these turned out great.
pb cups

If you’re searching for what appears to be an impressive concoction, look no further. This is no trick, these lil’ guys are a great treat.


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