Foodie in the Frills

Time has certainly passed quickly and my last post was a long time ago. A lot has changed since then but I’m finally ready to get myself back on the blogging saddle and write for me, post for you, and bring back some delicious inspiration. The last year has been filled with moving parts and changes. Joe and I bought our first home together {a two bedroom coop in Forest Hills} as we left Manhattan for the ever evolving borough of Queens. We also planned a lil’ event we called our wedding and hosted what felt like an epic fall celebration last November. Add to that mix the purchase of a car {which we fondly call Pri}, advancements at work, an incredible European honeymoon {insert serious travel bug implanted}, and friends and family marriages, births, and moves. Needless to say, we didn’t make it through this journey without some tasty stops along the way. I look forward to looking back on some of the food-centric bits and pieces since we last touched base.

Moving forward I’m renaming this blog since I no longer live Uptown it feels wrong to continue to call myself “The Uptown Nibbler.” Thanks to Stacy and her clever ways, I’m going to go by “Foodie in the Frills.” To clarify, Joe and I have fondly named our new neighborhood of Forest Hills “The Frills” because we’re dorks and think it’s funny. We’re also really pushing for it to catch on, so please start referring to our quaint and special ‘hood this way to help us spread the word. Just wait for it; there will be a reality show based in “The Frills” one of these days and you’ll be hooked.

I hope everyone is well. I hope you are excited to see me back in action. Thanks for being a reader and giving me some motivation to keep going.

Love to all and Happy Fall {my absolute favorite}!

But of course, there was the traditional cutting of the pizza at our wedding. Who needs cake? Not this NYC couple.

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