Cook Low, Sweet crock pot

After the holidays I decided to gift myself a slow cooker. I’ve toyed with getting one for a couple of years now, and finally just clicked the “buy” button and made the jump. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, but this extreme cold weather and my need to eat healthfully and smartly pre-wedding made this a very valuable and timely purchase. This device, although large and in charge now taking up most of my free counter space {recall I live in a small NYC apartment with a galley kitchen}, is a miracle worker of sorts. Here she is, the number one best seller slow cooker on Amazon. It’s a tad overwhelming sorting through the different varieties of these puppies, so I took the general masses word for it and picked this one.33967-inset1Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt to put together a variation of this scrumptious BBQ favorite: While I may wake up and head to the gym, I’ll also be stopping by the kitchen to prep a giant beast of pork shoulder. Sorry vegetarians, this is NOT how you’d dream of starting your Monday. I’m pretty excited, however, to come home to a {hopefully} delicious smelling apartment with dinner ready to serve.

I have made two different soups to try some slow simmering in the slow cooker. I made them up, which usually works in my favor. This time, unfortunately, the soups didn’t satisfy the way I wanted. I won’t call them fails, but I don’t think I’ll make them again. I first tried a vegetable pureed soup of roasted cauliflower, vegetable broth, red and yellow peppers, some onions, garlic, odds and ends of spices, and some parmesan cheese. Eh. It was not a pretty looking meal, I’ll tell you that much. It was spicy with a swirl of Sriacha, and hearty enough for a weekday lunch. But the texture was off and overall I think the cauliflower was too bland. Oh well! The slow cooker did make it super easy to blend up, so yay for that.

The second soup I was super excited about – chicken tortilla soup. But my tweaks may have ruined it! Oops. First off, I didn’t actually put any chicken in it and opted for a veggie-laden variety. Fine, but missing that classic protein. Then I made it overwhelmingly spicy which made it quite hard to eat without tearing up and taking many breaks. I think the soup made Joe choke at least 3 different times. Again, oops. And lastly, I didn’t throw in any tortilla strips {insert healthy attempt here} soooo the entire dish was clearly missing an integral ingredient.

I am ready to tackle some stews and slow roasted meats. I’m still a novice and will welcome any of your go-to slow cooker recipes to try. Happy cooking and happy cozy nights in eating something satisfying, warm, and totally prepared for you by the time you walk in the door.


One thought on “Cook Low, Sweet crock pot

  1. Beef stew My way……stew beef, take a few minutes to brown in olive oil before putting in slow cooker, carrots, onions, potatoes ,mushrooms, celery, (basic root veggies)garlic, salt and pepper. Cover with beef broth (and a little red wine if opened!) Cook low and slow all day. When you get home make a slurry of flour and water, put in and put on high. By the time you have changed and gotten ready to eat it should be thickened and yummy.

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