Smorgasburg Samplings

It’s not too late to head Williamsburg on a Saturday and sample the delicious and fun day that is Smorgasburg. A fair of food vendors serving up the best of locally sourced New York City favorites, a couple hours at Smorgasburg will leave you satiated, proud to live here, honored to have such easy access and exposure to the newest and best food items out there, and a few dollars poorer. I don’t have pictures of all of the delectable stops along the way from my visits past, but here are a few standouts I recommend you try. IMG_0812IMG_0814Asia Dog is a hoot. Hot dogs with funky toppings that make you go, “hmm…really?” But oh yes, really. So good. Here’s their take on the bahn mi and it was really good. Fresh pickled veggies atop a perfectly cooked hot dog made for a nice treat. Joe has tried the Mash variety, which has crushed potato chips and spicy ketchup on it – kind of the grown up version of a classic. Crunch!

On the other corner of foodville, Bombay Sandwich Company serves up vegan Indian-inspired sandwiches that are vibrant in flavor.


The chutneys smothered over the sandwich made it messy to eat, but worth a few extra licks of the fingers.



Something about the combination of cranberry and sweet potato screamed fall to me, but then the zesty freshness of cilantro and spice of Sriracha reminded me it was summer.




I’m a sucker for Mexican food, so when we spotted la Esquina serving up gorditas filled with pulled pork and queso fresco, I said, “Si.” This was tasty, and also messy. We had to stop and eat this together without attempting to walk and talk at the same time. Even on the plate you can see why as the juices spill all over the place.


Another must try is the ramen. Here’s a pipping hot cup o noodles that will make you crave cooler days. IMG_0822With this to-go variety, we altered between chopsticks to pull up the noodles and sipping the salty and comforting broth straight from the cup.

While I’m more of a savory gal, I have a weak spot for anything s’mores related. So the S’more Bakery hand torching individual s’mores was a must stop to end the trip. IMG_0828Mine was a clover honey graham with salted caramel and a vanilla marshmallow. It was scrumptious. Ignore that these treats are somewhat over-priced and just give in to your girl scout tendencies. Just once.

At the end of the day, no matter what you try at Smorgasburg, you’re likely to sample something new, or stick to classics that comfort. Let me know what you get your hands on…like this giant roasted turkey leg. IMG_0929I know my vegetarian friends are cringing but it was de-lic-ious. I felt like I was at a Renaissance fair and happy as a knight. Or perhaps you’ll be more “civilized” and go with a Greek souvlaki pita like Joe. “Ooopa!”0


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