As the leaves turn, I return.

“Uptown Nibbler, you’ve been missed.” That’s what I am going to envision my readers are saying as I write this first post in, errr, gulp, nearly 4 months. I last left you with wishes of a happy and healthy summer. I return to you with the rush of energy and freshness that always stirs in me once autumn tips its hat and says, “hello.” In my defense, life has been rather busy the last few months. No excuse for not writing, but let me recap for you a few of the tasty and wonderful bits from my summer. I hope that this photo journey inspires you to look back on your summer and fondly reminisce of the warm days, cool beverages, and nibbles of life that go by quickly if we don’t stop and remember.


Prosecco. Champagne. Bubbly. This truly sums up my summer. My cup overfloweth with celebrations.

What was I celebrating? Well, there was a cheers to turning 30. 0I found this summer shandy beer to be quite refreshing and tasty celebrating my big day at the Boat Basin with friends. Drinking beer out of cans can be fun, especially when they are served to you in a giant bucket and you have trusty peeps around you to share in the goodness. Being 30, living in my city, and being around the ones I love – not too shandy…I mean shabby.

I also celebrated the big 3-0 with other friends. With those celebrations came more refreshing cocktails, such as these Pimm’s Cups at Jesse’s 30th surprise rooftop bash. Stacy, of course, made the drinks not only taste great, but look adorable.  Those straws…I mean, come on.0Then there were the nights when the mission was clear: stay cool, stay “hydrated,” and embrace this life. That’s when nights like this happened, and I ordered a Rose flight. Pink, and deceivingly potent.

0Contrary to how these photos are summing up my life, I didn’t just drink alcoholic beverages all summer. I also relished in the joy of making our own cold brew coffee via the fabulous Toddy brewing system. 0

Coffee drinking isn’t the same now that I know how to make cold brew at home. Not only did we save money, we experimented with various blends. Our favorite is the Fractivist from Gimme Coffee. Holy caffeine, and holy delicious. I take mine with half and half (so naughty) and Joe adds in raw blue agave syrup to sweeten the deal. Although my desire for cold beverages is going to soon shift to the hot and comforting variety, I’m sipping a cold brew right now. So good.

Life events have continued to make me smile, hug my friends, and be really grateful. Sondra had her baby, the gorgeous and snuggable (is that a word?) Nora Bryn. My family welcomed Travis Blake to this crazy world, and Gavin turned 3! I love my family and the new generation that is growing up so cutely and healthily.0 0000Amanda is nearing her due date and will soon welcome a baby into this world. Sam had a gorgeous wedding in Brooklyn. The joy is overwhelming. How can one not want to celebrate when you have this happening around you?

Oh, and one tiny little thing happened on the way to fall. Joe proposed and I said yes. No big deal.


He prepared homemade macaroni & cheese. If you know me at all, then you know that THIS was the perfect proposal. I’ll end this post with, oh what do you know, more prosecco. I love you, Joe, and cannot wait to marry my best friend. Now THAT’s cause for celebration.



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