Lemonade and Life Updates

I don’t have to introduce you to the fact that it has been a long while since I’ve last written on Uptown Nibbler. Sad. Not only emotionally a bummer, but I honestly think Seasonal Affective Disorder may have taken me hostage. It was a long winter of a bit of blah. But now we’re here on Memorial Day, enjoying a day of freedom, a day of relaxing, and a day to reflect on the past and be grateful. I’m grateful for so many things, and to so many people in my life. The unofficial beginning to summer is here – cheers to that! Speaking of cheers, lately I have seen a surge of pregnancies and baby planning for those around me. I can tell you that I feel quite distant from this phase of life personally, but for many friends and family this is the next big thing. No cheers to alcohol for these mamas and mamas-to-be. Instead, I invite them to sip some cool and delicious lemonade this summer. Mamacitas, I may add some booze to my glass, if that’s ok? I think this variation looks quite simple & tasty from The Pioneer Woman,

http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2013/05/homemade-lemonade/. I also highly recommend sipping on a chilled rosé when you need to cool down & relax after a long day. The $20/bottle during happy hour at ABV in NYC is a personal favorite of mine. If you’re in the area, this bar is great and the snacks are quite scrumptious as well – check it out, or better yet…let me know when you’re going so we can share a bottle together!



So aside from babies and the usual slew of wedding festivities & related fun-filled showers and parties, life is pretty normal right now. As I approach my 30th birthday coming up in June, I am eager to fill the next ten years with deliciousness & love. I am also hopeful that the next decade will bring the changes in life that will make me grow and be challenged in all the right ways. I am ready for changes (cue David Bowie). As I continue this post in its stream-of-consciousness format, where should I eat for my 30th celebration? If you know me, you know that I plan on celebrating for the entire month, so there is room and time for great meals a plenty! Does anyone have any must-try locales? I will actually be in the Bahamas for the day of my birthday (rough, I know). I know that my cousin, Mitch, will make sure that a great meal is incorporated into that day.


We’re on our way to celebrate the holiday with Stacy & Jesse in our NYC-version of a BBQ. While there won’t be a grill, nor a yard to run around in, I am looking forward to commencing this season with our dear friends and tasty nibbles from Chez Chandna in the concrete jungle we call home.

Happy & Safe summering, everyone!


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