Umbrellas and Heartiness

It's about to downpour...the rain is at a steady trickle right now but I know it's coming. Naturally I didn't bring my umbrella to work today. Every time I bring the umbrella, it doesn't rain. Theory tested: when you are unprepared, it rains. When you are über prepared, it does not. This weather makes me … Continue reading Umbrellas and Heartiness


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Remember those books? So corny yet so sweet. I used to read them and then the series went overboard with Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Religious Soul, fill-in-the-blank Soul. I lost interest. Joe was quite sick last week and is finally coming out of his crappy-icky-sicky stage (yay). I thought I was immune to … Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Soul