Pizza is No Joke in NYC

When you speak with people about pizza in NYC, it’s no laughing matter. Pizza is a sacred food here. If you support other cities and their version of pizza, don’t be surprised if you get some dirty looks in these parts. There’s something very New York about a good slice of pizza. There’s also something super-delicious about it. With such simple ingredients it’s amazing how many variations of flavor, texture, and quality you’ll find when you sample different makes of pizza. Let’s talk about a classic Margherita. Good dough may be the key to making pizza magic. Sometimes I could go for the sweet and chewy crust, but other times a blistering crispy base is just right.

Joe is a pizza lover to the extreme. He swears he could eat pizza every day and not be disappointed. I don’t have the same kind of passion for pizza that my boyfriend displays, but I do deeply respect a quality pie. Lucky for me anytime the craving strikes, I know I have a partner in crime who will very willingly devour the goods right by my side. In NYC everyone has their go-to local spots for a quick fix. Then there are the classics. These classics may attract tourists and locals alike – but there’s a reason for all the love and long lines. Grimaldi’s comes to mind as a traditional and famous New York pizza joint, located minutes away from the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn. This place is not for the faint or unfit – not only do I only go after walking the beautiful walk across the bridge, but you will likely need to wait in line for a seat for at least 45 minutes. The pizza is worth the wait though, believe me you.

When you’re at Grimaldi’s you feel like you’re living in history. The simplicity and old-school feel is charming. Red checked tablecloths, loud diners squished closely at the table next to you, and Frank Sinatra playing overhead makes Grimaldi’s a true NYC pizza experience. So can you imagine my excitement when I learned that this lil’ shop in Brooklyn would be opening a new and spiffy outpost in Manhattan? Yes, true to form, Manhattan is taking Grimaldi’s and calling it its own.

A couple of weeks ago Joe and I found ourselves in the neighborhood of this new Grimaldi’s and I couldn’t resist motioning us towards the restaurant. Dinner anyone? What a perfect idea for this particular night. Why? Well for one, we were hungry for something tasty. Two, we were both dressed very casually and I was wearing stretchy leggings…so my outfit could withstand the pizza indulgence. Verdict? Good. But it wasn’t Brooklyn-good. I must admit, I loved it less than I wanted to. So now there’s only one thing to do – go back to the original and give it a taste test. Do I like the new Manhattan branch less than Brooklyn? Or, dare I say, do I like another pizza better overall? Stay tuned for that reveal.

Whether you try Grimaldi’s or any other NYC pizza treasure, do yourself a favor and enjoy each component of the yumminess. Tomato sauce simple and tart, fresh mozzarella oozing and salty, and floating pieces of earthy basil combine to make edible music. You don’t have to be Italian to know the words to this ditty, nor do you need to be a New Yorker. You simply need to dig in and taste. And if you’re like me, wash it all down with a root beer on draught. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Pizza is No Joke in NYC

  1. You tasted your first bite of NY Pizza at around 6 months! Ray’s. Your father gave it to you without my knowledge but the big toothless grin of sauce and cheese was a dead giveaway!

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